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            CP120S Layup machine
              Issuing time:2021-03-16  Hits:735


              Complete the layup process of strings of the full cell module, half cell module or multi cutting cell of long side symmetrical centerline module.

              Driven by linear module, the accuracy of movement and rotation is ensured by rotating DD motor

              Grab two (or a whole) cell strings at a time, the layup speed is fast

              String detection and positioning by high speed laser,detection speed is fast, positioning accuracy is high.

              Cycle time≤9s/2 strings, layup accuracy of ±0.2mm.

              Non-contact positioning to minimize the risk of cracks

            Product parameters:



            Full cell cycle time

            35s/module (6 strings)

            Module transport height


            Glass specifications

            L 1630mm-2500mm, W 980mm-1400mm

            Half cell cycle time

            60s/module(12 strings)

            Glass specifications

            L 1635~2500mm W 960-1350mm

            Floor space

            L × W × H 4680 × 2760 × 2200mm

            Power supply

            Three-phase five-wire 380V/220V 50A 50/60Hz


            Peak 10KW average 4KW

            Air source

            Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa, flow rate: 0.3m³/min, air inlet pipe diameter ø12


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