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            Confluence belt welding machine
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            Confluence belt welding machine
            DH150-B Auto Bussing Machine
              Issuing time:2021-04-08  Hits:4450

            1. DH150-B Auto Bussing machine can complete both ends busbar welding of center outlet lines symmetrical type of half cell module, or it can be used independently to complete the busbar preparation of the standard type and double glass type of the full cell, the welding of interconnecting busbar and the preparation, cutting and placement of EPE film.

            2. Rolled busbar feeding, L busbar automatic lapping and welding.

            3. Automatically complete the cutting and placement of EPE block film

             and lEPE long bar insulation film.

            4. Flux can be sprayed automatically on the welding area before welding.

            5. The feeding device of the busbar and the flux insulation film are all on the same side of the machine

            6. Rotating arm operation computer, convenient and quick

            7. The glass can be transported in both directions according to the requirements of the production line, without affecting the normal welding function



            Overall size 

            Lengthwidthheight: 620337772557

            Production capacity 

            150 panel/hour

            Welding method 

            Electromagnetic induction welding 

            Cell specifications 



            Cell thickness


            Module specifications 

            Length (1630-2250)mmWidth(800-1100)mm 

            B1(normal)B2(double glass)B3()B4(double side B) 

            Glass specifications



            Busbar specification 

            Roll feed, thickness 0.25-0.35mm, width 4, 5, 6, 8mm

            EPE film specifications

            Rolled busbar feeding, thickness 200m,

            Wide film width 70mm, narrow film width 30mm

            Module input and output height


            Gas source

            Pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa; Flow rate: 1.8m³/min;

            Main pipe specifications: inner diameter 12/outer diameter 16

            power supply

            Voltage: Three-phase (three-phase five-wire) 380V/220V Frequency: 50-60Hz 

            PowerPeak 32KW Average23KW 

            Environment temperature