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            Confluence belt welding machine
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            Confluence belt welding machine
            DH150-F Auto Bussing Machine
              Issuing time:2021-04-08  Hits:8104


            1. It can complete the busbar welding of the half cell middle-outlet-line type and the full cell double-glass head end three-outlet-line type

            2. Vacuum suction grabbing, and welding in mid air.

            3. The position of 12 half-cell strings can be adjusted twice

            4. Rolled busbar feeding, automatically prepared and bending to L busbar.   5. Flux can be automatically sprayed on the welding area

            6. There is a visual correction function for the module entering the machine.

            7. Single side loading, easy to operate




            Rated 25 seconds, maximum 21 seconds (single panel Limite Speed) 

            Welding method

            Electromagnetic induction welding

            Module input and output height


            Module Type

            156/5BB is the standard configuration. The configuration of 10 and 12 strings of 156mm-170mm cell can be customized on demand


            Rolled busbar feeding, automatic feeding, cutting, size can be customized

            Equipment power

            380V/220V    50/60Hz 


            Peak 35KW average 25KW

            Air source 

            Pressure  0.5-0.7MPa flow 1.8m³/min

            Equipment weight