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            Confluence belt welding machine
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            Confluence belt welding machine
            DH200-X-High-speed multi-type modules Auto Bussing Machine
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                 Product Features:  

            1. Cycle time17S/module, high speed.

            2. Complete the preparation of the half-cell middle-outlet symmetrical assembly bus bar and the welding function of the bus bar and the soldering bus bar at both ends of the cell string.

            3. Strong compatibility: Compatible with 1/2 cell 6 strings and 1/3 cell 6 strings soldering.

            4. Conventional half-cell cycle time 17S;

            After open single jumper, double jumper bypass welding cycle time20S;

            After open single jumper, double jumper bypass welding cycle time 24S.

            5. The weight of the raw material roll can reach 30KG (optional), which can reduce the downtime and refill time.

            6. Perform secondary correction on the positions of 10/12 half-cell strings respectively, vacuum adsorption grabs the cell strings, one-time-in the air and precise soldering.

            7. The specification conversion is convenient.

            8. The bottom-mounted welding head is convenient for specification conversion and adjustment, reducing the false welding rate.

            9. Possess the function of punching the end of the bus bar.

            10. Single side feeding, easy to operate.

                Product parameters 



            Cell specification

            166*166mm230*230mm 1/2

            Main busbar qty.


            Soldering method

            Electromagnetic soldering

            Cycle time


            Glass Specification

            L(1630mm-2650mm) W980mmһ1500mm  

            Bus bar specification

            Thickness (0.18-0.45mm) width4һ8mm  

            Flux spray method

            High frequency pulse spraying

            Optional item

            Optional single jumper (with film): 210*210-230*230 Cells: 5 strings*10 half-cell*2, 5 strings*15 1/3 cell*2, chip spacing 1-4mm, string spacing 1-6mm ;

            (bypass bus bar string spacing 10mm (4mm bus bar) )

            Optional double jumper (with film): 156*156-210*210 bypass bus with string spacing 10mm (4mm bus with) and small L lead


            (L*W*H)5166* 4853*2690mm

            Power source

            Three-phase five wire 380/220V 50/60Hz


            Average value about 20KW/peak value 30KW

            Air source

            Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa flow rate 2.0m³/min


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