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            Manufacture Ability
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            Manufacture Ability
            Manufacture Ability
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            Production line of modern, intelligence and integration.

            Adhering to the concept of "Craftsman Spirit", XN Automation has been recognized by its exquisite technology and technical level. We follow the enterprise values of "Customer First" and insist on being responsible for every process, every product and every customer. At the same time, XN Automation has always pursued excellent quality and production efficiency. The quality control of our product comes from our world's cutting-edge production equipment in product R&D, material selection, processing technology and performance testing, and have the scientific and technological hard strength comparable to the world's first-class counterparts.

             · The company has more than 20 sets of intelligent production and processing equipments, including 9 sets CNC machining centers, 6 sets MAZAK machines, 2 sets AMADA fiber laser cutting machines, 4 sets CNC bending machines

             · In mechanical and electrical assembly, the company implements modular operation and fast delivery time to meet customer delivery time requirements

             · The company has a sound quality management system in place, and has established product quality specification policies.Strict quality control carried out in every production ensures our delivered products quality completely in line with customer requirements