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            Welcome to join us

            Join us ,and discover your potential

            As you joinXN, you will have the opportunity to create your own life, as we work together to create a better world. To join us, you need to be honest, passionate and professional.

            We offer an attractive compensation package for our employees. These include:

            Salary:including basic salary, performance salary and bonus. Based on market research and company business, we review the salary every year to maintain its competitiveness in the talent market.

            Benefits:包Includes insurance and Provident fund, year-end awards, annual medical examination, holiday benefits, birthday benefits, and accommodation.

            Learning and Development:我We offer a variety of training, improve employee skills, expand knowledge, and enable employees to gain career development opportunities through different learning programs.

            Work environment and corporate culture:在Collaborate with teams in a comfortable office environment to meet new opportunities and challenges.