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            After Sales Service
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            After Sales Service

            After Sales Service

              We are committed to providing high quality service to our customers. Customer first is our company's long-standing principle.

              We have a team of highly qualified after-sales engineers.

              No matter where you install or operate the equipment, we ensure that skilled and experienced experts provide on-site assistance to handle any problems or problems.


              Installation and commissioning

              Installation and commissioning means that the engineer is at the customer's site to provide customers with installation instructions, operation and commissioning, maintenance and repair, fault clearing, and technical upgrades.

              24-hour hotline

              The 24-hour customer service hotline allows customers to contact us at any time to provide service support, whether at home or overseas.

              Local spare parts warehouse

              We have a complete product spare parts library system, which can provide customers with spare parts for main parts in time. Through professional and fast logistics transportation, to ensure that spare parts can be delivered to customers accurately and quickly.

              Sustainable Training

              We provide our customers with targeted equipment operation and maintenance training, to ensure customers know the operation specifications as soon as possible after purchasing.

              Service Support Hotline +86 0951-3869668