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            Company News
            XN Automation S4000 overseas online training course ended successfully
              Issuing time:2021-06-01  Hits:561


              Under the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, Exchanging the traditional offline training to online live sharing is a better choice for customer training.

              On May 9, the training team of XN technical support department organized and arranged the "Vietnam Trina S4000 Stringer Online Training Camp", which targeted 12 equipment engineers from Trina Solar Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. for 14 days of online skills improvement training.


              According to the requirement of customers, we have developed training courses on 30 topics, with Gao Xin, Zhang Hao, Xu Jiancun, Zhou Lizhong, and Lin Quan from the Technical Support Department serving as training instructors to conduct online training and answer questions through live broadcast, and synchronously share course materials to customers.


              This training received good feedback from customers. In the future, the training team of the Technical Support Department will make online customer training more detailed, provide customer service during the epidemic crisis, and maintain open and diversified communication channels with customers; in addition, online training will also serve as customers a supplementary channel for offline training and communication, establishing a common communication platform between overseas customers and us, sharing knowledge with customers simultaneously, truly achieving "customer first" and providing customers with high-quality training services!