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            Company News
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            Company News
            Safety is the primary productivity of the enterprise
              Issuing time:2021-07-01  Hits:361

             Safety means harmony in the family ;For an enterprise, it means development; for an individual, it means life.Safety does not mean everything,while no safety is destined to lose everything .Security is necessary for each of us, just like "the top priority".

             June 2021 is the 20th National "Safety Production Month",

            This year, security theme is "Implement safety

            responsibilities and promote safety development",Our company actively responded to the call for safety,adhering to the concept of "safety for production, production must be safe",At the beginning of June 2021,The company organized a series of safety production month activities with the theme of security,On the basis of the safety month theme,a

            ccording to the companys current production status, a safety month activity plan was formulated,careful organization, comprehensive deployment, earnest implementation by all departments,focusing on actual results.In order to promote the country’s relevant laws and regulations on production safety, production safety knowledge, and the company’s production safety management system,The focus is on enhancing the safety awareness of all employees and the ability to prevent accidents.Actively develop various forms, Content-rich security activities.Strengthen production safety publicity and education work.Promote the implementation of safety production laws and regulations, popularize safety knowledge, promote safety culture, and further create a public opinion environment for safe development.At the same time, we will increase efforts to investigate and control hidden dangers.Further strengthen the awareness of all employees on the importance of safe work,Improving the safety management mechanism,Improving the management level of safety production and the ability to prevent accidents,Effectively control the occurrence of various accidents and ensure safe production,Creating a "zero" injury work environment.

             To implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping's important remarks on safety in production, Solidly promote the three-year action of special rectification of production safety and concentrate on tackling tough problems.Carry out all the tasks of this year's National "Safety Production Month".In the furture, enhancing the public's awareness and understanding of safe production, and enhance public safety awareness,Our company conducts in-depth safety production training, so that every employee has a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the company's safety risks, and enhances safety awareness and awareness of risk prevention.


            In late June, the administrative center security officer Bu Longlong led an emergency fire drill of the processing department.All members of the processing department actively participated in the fire drill,This exercise is divided into three sections: emergency evacuation exercise, equipment use exercise, and experience summary.From the sounding of the fire alarm to the evacuation of all employees from the workshop work site to the company’s safe area,The entire exercise process was fast, safe, and orderly, and the exercise achieved the expected results.In extinguisher stage of practical operation, the staff enthusiastically involved,Through practical operation, everyone has a clearer grasp of the operation steps of fire extinguishers and the initial fire fighting methods.After the exercise, the employees took the initiative to share their own experience, and also talked about the problems that occurred during the exercise.Let everyone take a warning,Treat every drill as the scene of an accident,The safest way is also the fastest way.Through this exercise,Not just we know how to save themselves after the fire, how to escape,to understand more calm when dealing with unexpected incidents, emergency evacuation.Further safety work, safety education will be infiltrated into daily work to create a good environment for everyone's safety, health and joy.

            Practical experience and accident lessons a dmonish us that:Safe work is no small matter, We must pay attention to everything related to safety, never underestimate, treat it as a major event, Everything can adhere to strict accordance with the regulations and rules of operation to work, Safety requires each of us to pay careful attention to every detail in our daily work. Do cautious and prudent, careful and meticulous, then safe production will be guaranteed. Keep safety in mind, preventive measure every moment, production safety every day!