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            Company News
            Wonderful moments of Hanwha Q CELLS (Qidong) Co., Ltd. S5000 training
              Issuing time:2021-08-16  Hits:353

            From July 28 to August 15, 2021, seven equipment engineers from Hanwha new energy (Qidong) Co., Ltd. participated in the two-week "S5000 Stringer Theory and Practice" activity at Ningxia XN Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

            Now, let us review the training routine of engineers.



            On August 14th, we arranged the S5000 stringer test for Hanwha engineers. Although there was only a short two-week study period, our Hanwha friends finally passed the exam with excellent results and successfully obtained the Maverick S5000 stringer theory and practice certificate.

            Through this training,not only the customer's friends have gained a lot of skills, but also the customer and the XN service team have forged a sincere friendship. In the future, we will continue to optimize the training process to provide customers with better services!