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            Company News
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            Company News
            The 2021 XN (3vs3) basketball game has ended successfully
              Issuing time:2021-09-13  Hits:409

            In order to enrich the recreational, sports and entertainment life of the majority of employees of XN, and give full play to their teamwork spirit, XN held an employee basketball game on August 20, 2021.

            10 teams from the processing department, assembly department, technical support department, information department, research and development department, and debugging department participated in this competition. After 21 days and 11 fierce competitions, finally the Black Mamba team of the R&D department won the championship, the third team of the assembly department won the second place, and the HuaXia team of the technical support department won the third place. 

            The basketball game ended successfully on the evening of September 9, 2021. After the competition, the award ceremony was held immediately. The leaders of each department will award trophies and prizes to the champion, runner-up and third winner in contest. In addition, in order to thank the four referees for their hard work, the company also awarded the four referees "Excellent Referee Award" prizes. 

            Next, let us review the wonderful moments of this 3vs3 basketball game! 

            Champion team

            Runner-up team

            Third place team

            This competition not only enhanced the friendship between colleagues, but also exercised. improved the cohesion and team awareness of XN, fully demonstrating our cooperation, cooperation and the XN spirit.