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            Company News
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            Company News
            Wisdom leads the future | XN Invited to participate in the 5th Advanced Component Technology and Packaging Materials Forum
              Issuing time:2021-10-01  Hits:360

            XN Automation was invited to participate in this forum, and will bring you a keynote speech entitled "Discussion on Industrialization Technology of Non-destructive Cutting and Precision Welding" at the forum meeting.Through the key analysis, under the ultra-multi-grid and ultra-small PAD point close-packing technology route, the precision string welding technology can accurately position and effectively control the cell and ribbon during the cell stringing process, and superimpose the use of non-destructive dicing The power of the rear components is slightly increased.

            At the same time, it will also bring XN’s intelligent welding mass production solution, which is an ultra-high-speed front-end intelligent welding system independently developed and produced by XN Automation, including S5000P ultra-high-speed marking and welding all-in-one machine, CP80 typesetting machine, DH180HP convergence belt Welding machine, PM180 tape sticking machine, CF100 string rework machine, the compatible cell size of this system is 166-230mm, and the compatible grid line number is 9BB-20BB.In addition, the 1.2GW production line configuration requires only 7 people per shift, which has significant advantages such as high automation, strong compatibility, and high reliability.

            The S5000P ultra-high-speed scrsibing and welding all-in-one machine uses the combination of non-destructive scribing technology and precise stringing solutions to perfectly match the ultra-high productivity and high reliability, reduce the scribing damage rate, the return rate of components, and improve the efficiency of the component production process.The advantages of S5000P are brought into full play.Provide strong technical support for the future development of intelligent production lines and more efficient component layouts.

            XN Automation has 20 years of experience in opto-mechanical and electrical integration, and has maintained an excellent development trend in the photovoltaic industry.In this forum, XN Automation will continue looking forward to the future development direction of photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing and automation equipment from the perspective of equipment manufacturers and bring intelligent welding automation solutions to fuel the era of intelligence.